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Jesse Tree

The Jesse Tree is an enduring Advent tradition that illustrates the genealogy of Jesus through events in salvation history. It is fittingly an Advent catechetical tool because it helps review the plan of God that culminates in the birth of Jesus. Although Jesse Trees can be created in the shape of a Christmas tree by children, our medieval ancestors used a variety of media including ivory, illustrations, and stained glass to teach both children and adults about the "family tree" of Jesus, and ultimately about God's providence. Now catechetical leaders from across the Archdiocese of New York have prepared this Jesse Tree for your inspiration using the Internet. We invite you to make it a part of your Advent preparation to visit our Jesse Tree and reflect on the ancestors of Jesus Christ, the son of Adam, the son of God. (Luke 3:37).

Suggested Use: Each day of Advent, click on one of the Jesse Tree symbols beginning with the trunk of the tree.  Continue clicking a symbol each day following from the lower left hand side with the Dove, Apple, etc. and working clockwise. Clicking on a symbol will open a page that will explain the meaning of each symbol in light of the coming of Jesus. Hint: Holding your mouse momentarily over each symbol (without clicking) will indicate an appropriate day for that symbol.


 All Jesse Tree graphics illustrated by Carolyn Risinger for Faith Magazine, Erie, PA.
Used with permission.