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What is a sponsor for confirmation?

"It is the role of the sponsor to represent the faith community." (Canon 893) The confirmation sponsor is to guide the one confirmed to act as a true witness to Christ and faithfully fulfill the duties of the sacrament. It is preferable for the godparent from baptism to serve as sponsor. However, another person may serve as sponsor.

To become a sponsor, a person:

  1. should be sufficiently mature (having completed the 16th year) in his/her faith commitment, and should be actively expressing it within the Catholic community;
  2. must not be the father or mother of the one to be confirmed (Canon 874);
  3. need not be the same gender as the candidate;
  4. must belong to the Catholic Church and be fully initiated, having received Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist (Canon 874);
  5. must present a written statement of eligibility from his/her Pastor;
  6. knows the candidate and is able to help him/her on the spiritual journey, sharing faith and modeling the life of a mature Catholic;
  7. encourages the candidate to grow in a faith relationship with Jesus;
  8. assists and encourages the candidate with the study and practice of the Catholic faith;
  9. accompanies the candidate to special liturgies and event in the preparation program.

For more information, please contact your local pastor.