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The New York Catholic Bible School offers adults the scriptural foundations of our Catholic faith. The Bible School, sponsored by the Catechetical Office, meets each year for three trimesters. A trimester is comprised of 10 sessions.

The first year is devoted to the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and the second to the Christian Scriptures (New Testament). Each class and trimester builds on the one before, just as the Christian Scriptures are rooted in the Hebrew. The complete four-year course of study examines every book of the Bible.

No particular educational background is required, but the Bible School is designed for the serious student. It is especially appropriate to lectors, catechists, teachers, ministers and leaders in the church community. It provides excellent preparation for leaders of parish Bible study throughout the Archdiocese.

New Classes Opening in 2015

Apply here or contact us at bible@nyfaithformation.org for more information.