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Renewal of Certification

The Catechetical  Wisdom Community

The gathering of all the Certified Directors and Coordinators of Religious Education in the name of the Lord Jesus for the sake of their service in the Church:  the Catechetical Formation of His people

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By Certification, the Archdiocesan Catechetical Office affirms that, to the best of its knowledge, the individual Director or Coordinator of Religious Education has met the standards expressed in the Archdiocesan Handbook for Directors and Coordinators. 

By Certification, the Director or Coordinator of Religious Education affirms that he/she intends to be an active member of a catechetical leadership community whose commitment to religious education reaches beyond the parish to the wider Archdiocesan Church.

Through Certification, the Catechetical Office identifies the Director or Coordinator as a significant member of the Archdiocesan Catechetical Leadership Community -- those people who put their competencies and skills at the service of the Catechetical Mission of the wider Church.  (Archdiocesan Handbook for Directors/Coordinators, p. PF-31)


Renewal of Certification


Requirements for Renewal of Certification

N.B.  Developing and administering an excellent parish religious education program is NOT a requirement for Renewal of Certification.  It is the primary responsibility of the Director/Coordinator of Religious Education whether certified or not. 

Reactivating an Expired Certification 

It is always the Director/Coordinator who makes the decision whether or not to remain certified.  This decision is made yearly by the choice of whether or not to fulfill the requirements.  Certification expires if it is not maintained each year by the fulfillment of the requirements listed above.  If a Certified Director or Coordinator allows her/his certification to expire,  it is necessary to do the following in order to become re-certified.