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On Going Formation


Professional Formation

for Directors and Coordinators of Religious Education

2011 - 2012


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On-going Formation for Directors and Coordinators is provided by the various offices of the main Catechetical Office: 
Adult Faith Formation, Adolescent Catechesis and Youth Ministry, Religious Education for Children, Youth and Adults with Special Needs, Family Catechesis, Formation for Directors and Coordinators. The details of these offerings and all registration information can be found on the website under News and Events and Our Programs.  

All these opportunities may be used by certified Directors/Coordinators to satisfy requirements for renewal of certification.




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Basic Leadership Training Course 

November, 2011 to June 2012

The Basic Leadership Training Course is required for all Directors/Coordinators new to the Archdiocese. However, all Directors and Coordinators -- even the most seasoned - are invited to refresh their catechetical leadership skills by attending individual sessions. Any session may be used to satisfy a requirement for renewal of certification. The course is given once a month.  All information on this course can be found on these web pages under Basic Training.

To register
: email
Sr.Teresita.Morse@archny.org and bring $ 40 to door. OR
Mail check of $ 40 made out to Catechetical Office to:
Sr. Teresita Morse, Catechetical Office, 1011 First Ave. N.Y., NY 10022.



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 Crisis Management Seminar
Nov. 12, 2011,   2:30 to 4:15 pm:
St. Theresa Parish, East Bronx

Every Director/Coordinator of Religious Education is required by the Archdiocese to participate once in this seminar. Mrs. JoAnn Griffin, Catechetical Office expert on Crisis Management , will lead participants through the development of the Crisis Management Plan for their parish religious education program and instruct them on its implementation.

To register: email Sr.Teresita.Morse@archny.org and bring $ 15 to door. OR
Mail check of $ 15 made out to Catechetical Office to:
Sr. Teresita Morse, Catechetical Office, 1011 First Ave. N.Y., NY 10022.


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Day/Evening of Prayer for Parish Catechetical Staff:
for Director/Coordinator with Catechists and Staff

Bethany Spirituality Center, Orange County

This program is in direct response to the responsibility of the Catechetical Leader to provide and participate each year in a day or evening of prayer with the catechists of one's own parish in order to build and deepen the faith-community of the catechetical staff. (cf Handbook page A-11) Developed by a group of Directors/Coordinators working with the Bethany Staff, the program includes a presentation, communal and private prayer, shared reflection and a meal. Time and date for the event are determined by the Director/Coordinator in consultation with Bethany.

For information or to set up day/evening of prayer call Bethany at 845 460 3061.




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Catechetical Forum
for all Directors and Coordinators and their Catechists and Staff

Oct. 9, 2010:  9:00 to 4:00 at Cardinal Spellman High School, Bronx
Oct. 23, 2010:  9:00 to 4:00 at Sacred Heart Parish, Monroe, Orange County

Every Director/Coordinator in the Archdiocese is expected to attend this major Catechetical Office event with all the Catechists of the Parish. Religious Education  Program.  Therefore, classes should not be scheduled on this day.  Training in catechesis, enrichment in theology and spirituality and exhibits of catechetical materials are  provided by outstanding presenters. Join all of your colleagues in the Catechetical community for this Archdiocesan-wide gathering. 


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Family Catechesis Training

for Directors and Coordinators: new, seasoned and certified
and their Family Catechesis Team

Friday, Dec. 3, 2011 at Maryknoll Priests' Center, Ossining, NY
9:30 to 4:00

The essential training in Family Catechesis according to the Archdiocesan Family Catechesis Mandate will be offered for Directors/Coordinators and their Family Catechesis Team.  The day is required for those who have not yet taken the training and provides valuable updating for those who have.

For registration information go to the New and Events section of the website.


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 Lenten Day of Prayer and Reflection on the Spirituality of Mission for Catechetical Leaders
For Directors/Coordinators in Basic Training as well as all Directors/Coordinators

Maryknoll Priests' Center, Maryknoll, Ossining
March 31, 2012,  2:00 to 8:00 pm

The Church in its wisdom gives us the Lenten season to re-center ourselves on the Lord and His Call in our lives. It is a time to recognize again the ways we have become scattered and self-serving and to allow Jesus to re-form our motivations. Therefore, attending this Day of Prayer could be more important than anything else we might do that day in ministry. Join with other Catechetical Leaders in a time of personal renewal for the sake of your work for the Kingdom. 


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 The Communion Breakfast
For all Directors and Coordinators of Religious Education

Sacred Heart Parish Church,  Dobbs Ferry - Eucharistic Liturgy
Riverview Restaurant, Hastings-on-Hudson - Lunch

June 7, 2012, 9:45 am to 2:00

This annual event is for all Directors and Coordinators of Religious Education in grateful celebration of all they have done for the Church of New York throughout another year of dedication to their ministry. The celebration begins with a Eucharistic liturgy. This is followed by an award ceremony and a brunch.

 To register:
Mail check of $ 35 made out to Catechetical Office to:
Sr. Teresita Morse, Catechetical Office, 1011 First Ave. N.Y., NY 10022.