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Resources in Whole Community/Family Catechesis for Directors/Coordinators/Catechists and Families

Dot This is a PDF documentTwo Family Catechesis Sessions: Open the Door to Jesus

Dot Family Catechesis Workshop Resouces from John Roberto of LifeLongFaith Associates:

This is a PDF documentFoundations of Family Catechesis: background information about why we are doing family catechesis and what a family catechesis program looks like.

This is a PDF documentOrganizing Family Catechesis: a revised and updated handout about organizing family catechesis in your parish; with promotional material.

This is a PDF documentWhy is Family Catechesis So Important? details the importance of Family Catecheis in the life of the Church.

Sample Promotional Materials for Parish Events:

This is a PDF documentSample Promotion and Registration Form

This is a PDF documentSample Promotion Brochure 1

This is a PDF documentSample Promotion Brochure 2

This is a PDF documentSample Promotion Brochure 3  

Dot Resources for Family Catchesis planning:

This is a PDF documentFamily Catechesis Program Coordinator: a description of the responsibilities for the coordinator of an parish family catechesis program.

This is a PDF documentSuggested Reading List for Family Catechesis: books and resources for understanding and implementing parish family catechesis.

This is a PDF documentFamily Catechesis Program Design: a concise overview of Family Catechesis as required in the Archdiocese.

This is a PDF documentFamily Activities: A list of family activities for various times of the year.

Dot Assessments for Pilot Program Parishes, use either one:

This is a PDF documentRevised General Assessment of Process

This is a PDF documentAssessment of Process

Follow Link ---> The Pastoral Center: a resource of 23rd Publications provides parish leaders with resources for all levels of parish catechetical ministry.

DotBook Suggestions:

Praying with Your Child

Today many families have trouble finding time to pray together. Praying with Your Children contains many creative strategies for praying with children at various age levels. This book is specially designed for family or catechetical use and includes handouts to give to each child. The author gives dozens of concrete strategies that are sensitive to the spiritual and psychological development of children. From Resource Publications, Inc.




Other Resources:

Follow Link ---> Resources for Advent such as prayers, weekly reflections and activities.
Follow Link ---> Sign up for the Catholic Relief Services Webinars which will provide you with resources and best practices.
Follow Link ---> CRS Rice Bowl is a Catholic Relief Services' Lenten Faith-in-action program for families and faith communities.
Follow Link ---> Catholic Relief Services Education: a gateway to activities, lesson plans, simulations, prayer services and other resources that explore global issues through the lens of Catholic Social teaching.