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Family Catechesis

The Catechetical Office suggests that parishes use the theme of Catechetical Sunday as the “umbrella” theme for selecting family catechesis topics.  Resources are available to assist you in celebrating this day and theme and promoting family catechetical activity throughout the year.

What is Family Catechesis?

In family catechesis, all family members, adults as well as children, work, learn and pray together. They share their faith with each other—and often with other families. Family Catechesis integrates daily life with faith.

What are the benefits of Family Catechesis?

  1. Involves the whole family in congregational life and learning, building up the faith of the whole family.
  2. Provides a way to teach, model, and demonstrate family faith practices.
  3. Provides the resources for families to live Christian practices at home.
  4. Eases the transfer of learning to the home because the whole family experiences the learning and practices together.
  5. Builds up the confidence and ability of parents to share faith and values with their children by providing parent education, resources, support, and encouragement.

If we want children and teens to become lifelong Catholics and members of the church we have to start now by involving the whole family in the life of the church.

Pastors, parish directors leaders of religious education, and interested adults wishing more information on family catechesis may contact Oscar Cruz, Director, Catechumenate, Family Catechesis, Formation of Adult Catechesis Leaders at 646-791-2692 or e-mail him at families@nyfaithformation.org