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Below are some books you may want to read that are recommended for understanding the theology and process of the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. Don't forget to check out our online resources as well.

Recommended reading:


Catechumanate and the Law

The Catechumenate and the Law
by John M. Huels

Everyone who works with Christian initiation will encounter a predicament that only a knowledge of canon law can resolve. This helpful book reviews the various aspects of Christian initiation that are affected by the Church’s many sources of canon law, including the canons, the rite itself and various documents from Vatican II and from the Bishops of the United States. Order Online from Liturgy Training Publications


La iniciación cristiana: un recurso básico
by Miguel Arias, Walter Fircowycz, Richard E. McCarron, Arturo J. Pérez-Rodríguez, Tim Piasecki, Juan J. Sosa, and Richard Vega

Veintisiete ensayos pastorals escritos originalmente en español que ayudan a todo el equipo de Iniciación Cristiana a un entendimiento más profundo por medio de la explicación histórico-pastoral de las distintas etapas del catecumenado, así como de los ministros y ritos que forman parte de este proceso-celebración de renovación en la Iglesia. Order Online from Liturgy Training Publications

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults: Study Edition

This study edition enables everyone involved with the RCIA to have a “working” copy of the entire document. With ample margins for notes, sturdy but flexible binding, clearly numbered paragraphs in the introduction and texts, this edition is for study, reflection and preparation of liturgy. Order Online from Liturgy Training Publications

Year Round Catechumanate

Year-Round Catechumenate
by Mary Birmingham

The RCIA describes an initiation process that exists at the heart of the Church’s life and on the same schedule as the Church: every day, all year long. While that may sound overwhelming and unimaginable, Birmingham carefully explains how it is not only possible but also the best stewardship of the gifts and talents of initiation ministers. She then walks the reader step by step through the periods and rites of the RCIA, providing helpful insight along the way.  Order Online from Liturgy Training Publications

RCIA: Transforming the Church

The RCIA: Transforming the Church
by Thomas H. Morris

The most up-to-date resource book on the RCIA available that offers general guidelines and practical directions on specific areas of pastoral concern. Order Online from Paulist Press

Catechumenate Magazine

Catechumenate: A Journal of Christian Initiation

This magazine is published bimonthly by Liturgy Training Publications, offers up-to-date articles on various topics dealing with the Catechumenate. Order Online from Liturgy Training Publications



Sunday Dismissals Book

Sunday Dismissals for the RCIA
by Mary K. Milne,O.S.U.

This practical book takes to heart Jim Dunning's statement, "Don't dismiss the dismissals." It offers parishes a loving way, based on the Scriptures of each Sunday, to send their catechumens from the assembled community. Order Online from The Liturgical Press

Breaking Open the Lectionary

Breaking Open the Lectionary:
Cycle A, B, C

by Margaret Nutting Ralph

For those involved in the RCIA the phrase breaking open the word is very familiar. This series of books offers all that a facilitator of the breaking open of the word would need to help the catechumens connect with the Sunday readings.

Order Online from Paulist Press

Celebrating the Rites

Celebrating the Rites, A Practical Guide: Foundations in Faith
by B. Duggan, R.Ferrone, G. Gensler, S. Lanza & D. Steffen

This book is part of a volume of books in
the Foundations of Faith series, published by Resources for Christian Living / Benziger. It is an excellent resource and guide to those responsible for the preparation and implementation of the Rites of Christian Initiation of Adults.

Order Online from Resources for Christian Living

RCIA Evaluation

RCIA: An Evaluation Tool for Your Parish

This self-assessment tool is presentef in a blackline master formation to assist parish leaders understand more clearly the vision of the RCIA, enabling a better evaluation process for the parish catechumenate team.

Order Online from Resources for Christian Living