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Adult Faith Formation

Religious education is not only for children. According to the United States Bishops' Document, Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us (OHWB):

Adult faith formation, by which people consciously grow in the life of Christ through experience, reflection, prayer, and study, must be the "the central task in [this] catechectical enterprise," becoming "the axis around which revolves the catechesis of childhood and adolescence as well as that of old age." (OHWB #5)

The Bishops outline three key goals of Adult Faith Formation (OHWB #67-73):

Adult faith growth touches on six areas, all of which are needed for the full maturation of the Christian person:

      1. Knowledge of the faith
      2. Liturgical Life
      3. Moral Formation
      4. Prayer
      5. Communal Life
      6. Missionary Spirit