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Our Mission

Catechetical Office Mission 

The Catechetical Office is "the means which the Bishop as head of the community and teacher of doctrine utilizes to direct and moderate all the catechetical activities of the diocese." (General Directory for Catechesis, 265)

The General Directory for Catechesis (266) singles out the following ways in which the Catechetical Office exercises its competencies:

To accomplish these responsibilities the Archdiocesan Catechetical Office should have a staff of persons who have special competence. The extent and the diversity of the problems which must be handled demand that the responsibilities be divided among a number of truly skilled people. (General Directory for Catechesis, 267)

The mission and mandate of the Catechetical Office is to provide the leadership, policy, guidelines and structures for Catechesis of the highest quality in every parish of the Archdiocese.  The Archdiocesan Catechetical Office works primarily with adults, providing catechetical formation and faith formation and collaborating in the work of handing on the faith. This mission is conveyed through:

In an Archdiocese gifted with a rich cultural diversity, the Catechetical Office strives, in all the dimensions of its ministry, to keep in mind the need for inculturation as explained by the General Catechetical Directory:

With inculturation, evangelization encounters one of its greatest challenges. In the light of the Gospel, the Church must appropriate all the positive values of culture and of cultures and reject those elements which impede development of the true potential of persons and peoples.  (General Directory for Catechesis, 21)